Friday, September 22, 2023
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Socialism, Open Source & Openstack

A big big thank you!!

Has open source created an environment  where every-thing is free!! and nothing can be stolen!.. It reminds me of cold war era , When Russia was still the USSR you can’t  steal anything , even if you stole you can’t sell it!.

Reason: Most of the property belonged to government; Be it Schools, hospitals,creches &Industries; All were goverment owned. Drawing the parallels to Open Source  you can’t steal anything when & where it is free.. Even if you do. Nobody is going to buy..?

Open Source solves few of problems Software Industry has.

? No-body wants to get wrong by developing a product which did not sell in a market.

? Mega software corporations want to hedge their bet and budget both, if things did go side ways.

Who imagined Black-berry would go bankrupt after launch of iphones..

Remember the ads of Black-berry business phones. Those advertisements were  classy. 

Infact no mobile company highlights their product as a Business phone.. Everybody talks about the selfie

Variety and diversity alway exist in the market but not true in the gadget and software world.All mobile phones in the market are touch screens, even samsung paid a billion dollars for aping iphone.

Ask who has hotmail, yahoo, indiatimes email account

Social media! We know what happened to the orkut.. Though twitter got saved by the celebrities fan-following!! 

In Socialist Era When every-thing was belonged to govt. Drawing the parallels here, well you can’t steal anything when it is free.. Bur can’t sell it too!! 

But Money always finds a way?? open source world you will get things for free but  you sure can sell it! That’s the catch here..

Selling an open source software is like selling packaged drinking water.!! The product in itself is free.. But you have labeled it as a product and show a pregnant lady is drinking Pristine water. 

Why do you buy bottled water because it is hygienic free of germs.. Aka free of bugs.Some times you buys ‘coz you are? thirsty, because it is ?convinent, beacus you are? image consious,(cant drink from a fountain) . I will write a seperate post on montizing opensource and opensource based products

A packaged open source water(software) bottle is free of BUGS.. Big enterprises dont want their business to be infected 99.99% free of germs like a pepsodent tooth-paste.

More apt example : Samsung mobile phone business.. The galaxy series pulled the samsung from number 5 spot to top.

But how…  Iphone based touch screen + Android open source. Then one who packaged the water bottle first became the 1st to reach the customer.. Readymade for you.

Nobody now buys square pieces of clothx.. Everyone buys 5XX Levies ready-made . go to the trial room try it and buy it.

Selling an open source is like putting a FREE!!! Banner in front of your shop.



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