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How to get good internet access while you’re out for camping

Camping is one of the most common recreational activity among people. As the Holiday season arrives,  people prefer to enjoy their time peacefully. They go outdoors in pursuit of activities providing them enjoyment, serenity and happiness.

In the past, where there was no internet, camping provided people a possible option to spend time with closed ones away from social life. These days things have changed, with the introduction of the Internet and Social Media, people tend to stay connected to the world while still camping or any other recreational activity. It is not only helpful for staying connected to social media but also helps in checking important emails, accessing maps, searching on various topics online and discovering nearby areas around the camping site. Thus, having a good Internet or Wi-Fi connection is necessary.

So, When making your to-do list for your necessities it is important to check the coverage maps of your camping site, to see whether you can access the particular network and its range around the same. There are several options available to access wifi according to one’s own preference.

Camping can be of different types based on mode of transportation. RVing, Car Camping, Canoe Camping and Backpacking. Based on that, some of the options in the list only apply to a particular mode of transportation used. 

Firstmost, the crucial stage is to plan everything accordingly. There are steps which can be followed for better flow of your Enjoyment. Which are mentioned below.

Step 1 


Choosing your campsite is very important. Any special requirement has to be considered before deciding your location. Following are the things you need to consider –

  •  If you want a packed site or somewhere with less distractions or background noise.
  • If you can access Wi-Fi on a camping site.
  • Place with common area consisting of Picnic tables.
  • If a location has to be near a city, village or far away from it.
  • If it has a better service network.

Step 2


After deciding your campsite it is important to decide on what device can be used to access the internet. Below is the list of various available options.

1. Mobile Data/ Hotspot

This is one of the firstmost option to use your mobile data or tether it. One has to be aware of the data usage and battery drain of your mobile phone. In case of battery drain, it’s a great option to carry your power banks with you.

There is a chance of losing service when moving around, but most of the famous camping sites have proper service.

2. Wifi Around camping sites

Some of the camping sites provide wireless service with minimum charges per night. When deciding your camping location, it is better to research if the site provides wifi service or not. 

3. Find Free WiFi service around camping sites

If all the other options don’t help, one of the options in your hand is to search around the camping site for a shop, cafe or library which provides free access to visitors. This is only helpful if you are camping near city areas.

4. Internet USB

Internet USB looks similar to your typical Flash Drive but instead of storage it consists of technology to provide internet. It connects to your laptop and Pcs to access the internet. Easy to buy and use. The USB stick  costs within the range of 10$ to 20$. Recharge them based on your choice and you are ready and set to use the internet. But using them while going for camping, one has to make sure that it gets the required range coverage to work. It is similar to how a mobile data pack works. It can also be bought with a contract with a cell company which provides unlimited data. Prepaid recharges can start from 30$ to 50$.

If USB is used only for Camping, it’s cheaper to use prepaid service and recharge when ever needed. If you are a regular user of USB, a contract can help save some money.

Here are link for some of the highest rated Internet USB online-

  1.  TP-Link AC600 USB

At the price of 19.99$, it is Tp-Links one of the highest rated USB with 4.5 stars. It’s Dual band 2. 4 GHz and 5 GHz bands provide flexible connectivity, giving your devices Access to the latest Dual-Band Wi-Fi router for faster speed and extended range. Comes with 2 Year warranty and 24/7 technical support. 

Purchase Link 

2. USB Wifi Adapter 600Mbps USB 2.0 –

Ultra-fast AC600 wireless adapter speed with 802.11ac – It is 3 times faster than wireless N speeds. Best device for gaming online and seamless HD video streaming. You can create a Hotspot with the Soft AP Function for more wifi devices. Comes at a starting price of 13.90$.

Purchase Link 

5. Wi-Fi Modems

Also Known as Portable Wifi Router. This is a wireless device which usually uses the Internet from a sim card. Establishes secure and private connection. It doesn’t need to be connected to any device for it to work. Just switch on the ON button and you are ready to use. It can be connected to multiple devices at once. There are different versions of Wifi modem which can be used for ethernet connection, or connect to public wifi and act as a repeater.

Usually Starts around 25$ to 50$ based on the version you purchase.

  1. Huawei E5577Cs-321

Works 4G LTE in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa & 3G globally. This Is the best option for Countries other than the USA, as the government has banned all Huawei products there.

Purchase Link 

  1. TP-Link N300 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router

300 Mbps WiFi speed on 2.4G hertz band. Can also be used to Extend existing Wifi to improve signal strength and maximize Coverage.

Purchase Link 

  6. Satellite Internet

One of the most expensive options in our list is satellite internet.

Satellite internet is faster than dialup internet. Satellite speeds is upto 10x to 35x times faster than dial up based on the plan you choose. This is one of the extreme measures to access the internet because it requires setting up a dish on your Vehicle or somewhere static so you can set it up and then point out in the right direction to access the internet. Monthly Payment for 1 month is around 100$ and above.

The big two providers on the market are Viasat and HughesNet.

    7. WiFi Extender/ Ranger

Wifi Range Extender helps in connecting to available wifi on site and extends its coverage range for faster internet access. This is an optional choice and is not necessary. One can choose whether to spend money on such technology or not.

It requires you to connect to already existing wifi on campsite or with a wifi on a RV or vehicle, using extender will help in pushing out the coverage are

     8. Caravan/ Motorhome Wifi

When you want to go camping with your RV or caravan some of the vehicles come with preinstalled wifi setup. 

RV Wi-Fi + 4gx is a new wifi setup for Caravans.

Comes with RV wifi design software with 3G/4G router, Inbuilt Media Server, Internal antennas for easy DIY installation, offers up to a 40 meter range from your RV and is Password Protected. It does not provide any contract based service but is prepaid with one’s own choice of plan. 

Purchase  Link for Australia and New Zealand 

Purchase  Link for USA

Step 3


The Internet is crucial, so is deciding how to access the internet while camping. Before deciding on different options of devices available. It is important to consider your usage of the internet. 

  • Minimum Usage: When you only need the internet to access social  media or download movies, in this case Campground Wi-Fi is sufficient to use.
  • Medium Usage:  When there are important video calls to attend, Campground wifi might not be sufficient for you. Thus, using your mobile data will be helpful if only you can access your cellular service around the site.
  • Heavy Usage: When you have to Work on something important related to work which can’t be postponed, Internet USB and Mobile Modems are your savior. Internet USB directly connects to your laptop and in case of Mobile Modem you just have to switch in on, thus no extra effort required.

Step 4


This step is to keep your device to full charge. In case of one device running out of power, it is always handy to keep power banks ready to use.

Check whether  charging ports are available on your camping site or not.

In case of Rving, you have your van ready to use. You can install solar panels for extra battery backup or install a mini inverter, solar power chargers. 

So these are 4 crucial steps campers need to consider before going out for camping. With each step followed, it gets easier to follow the flow and stay satisfied with your journey.

Now the concerns of campers are solved. One of the most important things about a camp site is campground wifi. How to set up a campground wifi? Below are the steps mentioned to have a good running internet available for campers visiting.

  1.  (Focus on Map)
  • Create a map of Camp Site. 
  • Mark out structure for possible electricity access. 
  • Mark out possible obstacles for signal coverage.

This map will help in making proper decisions on how and where to set up your device and to set up prices of camping locations.

  1.  (Focus on locating your router)

Here, one has to decide on the possible location of your router. 

  • Mark out the current location of the internet and set up your router with it.
  • Set up proper Power outlets accordingly.
  1.  ( Wireless Access Point)
  • WAP connects campers to current internet connection.
  • Campers can access the internet on the device of their choice. (i.e Phone, Tablet or Laptop)

There are two components in a basic WiFi setup when it comes to campground Wifi. Router and Wifi Extender/ Repeater.

  • Wifi Repeater: Wifi Repeater are devices that connect to your main modem wirelessly and transmit the boosted WiFi signal.
  • Wireless router: This also functions as a “Wireless Access Point”. It is the gateway that allows you to access the internet on your device without physical wires.
  • WiFi range Extender: WiFi extenders are devices that are connected physically with your Wi-Fi router using the ethernet cable to extend the range of your internet. 

Wifi Repeater/  Extender are only used to expand the coverage range of the internet when the main router is unable to reach particular dead zones.

  1.  Selecting Best Device

Selecting the best Wifi Devices and service provider will make everything worth it. Some of the points to consider while choosing are

  •  Security
  •  Single or Dual bands
  • Weatherproof
  • Fast access
  • Coverage
  • Installation of the device.

By following all the above mentioned steps, one can easily make right decisions.

One can call for professional help if there is further confusion while making decisions.  The Internet was not a necessity a few years back, but now it is. It helps campers stay connected with people, use necessary applications, search on how to set up or do things accordingly. The Internet along with Smartphones has become an important object to always have around, while camping or for daily life stuff. Using it while on a recreational holiday is like cherry on top.


The fastest VPN service is here.

Speedify is a VPN service that uses quick bonding to make your Internet faster, more stable, and safer. Providing with channel bonding technology, you can use multiple Internet connections at the same time to maximize their combined speed. Speedify will speed up anything, including uploads, downloads, web surfing, and video streaming. Speedify accelerates HD video uploading, uploads, and everything else you do online by using all available WiFi, 3G, 4G/LTE, and wired connections.


Speedify makes use of an advanced Streaming Mode that prioritizes audio and video streams and responds to network conditions dynamically. Whether you live stream for your survival or just want to attend a once-in-a-blue-moon online conference, Speedify can help you get a more stable and reliable stream.


  • Worldwide servers
  • Downloads are unlimited
  • Fast internet service
  • Encrypting data
  • Failover occurs automatically.
  • IP addresses that aren’t real
  • P2P traffic is routed through servers in the Netherlands.
  • Multiple connections at the same time
  • Unsecure networks are detected and blocked.
  • It supports on OS such as windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android


The key advantages of Speedify are its near-constant networking, the security of the fast network, user safety through tight security features, robust mobility, and ease of setup and use. Here are few more specifics:

  • Reliable connections:

The framework provides consumers with reduced latency, quicker speeds, and more bandwidth thanks to its efficient utilization of multiple links at the same time. It also provides redundancy and dependability.

  • Fast connectivity:

The strong security features of Speedify don’t slow down the linking speed; it’s as smooth as it can be. This is largely due to the system’s ability to merge several networks at the same time.

  • Top security features:

Through its sophisticated encryption capability, the app ensures the protection and privacy of its users. It will protect users from unsecured networks and encrypt traffic such that data sent or retrieved, blogs, and IP addresses aren’t watched and tracked by anybody, anywhere.

  • Complete Mobility:

Users can be more efficient when using accessibility functions. Apps and utilities that can be unblocked at school, work, or somewhere else. Entry to region-locked material is possible with this framework.

  • Easy usability:

Its service is also basic and straightforward, which is ideal for those who like to get things done fast.


1 Month1 Year2 Years3 Years
Rs. 726.43Rs. 435.56Rs. 290.13Rs. 217.42

If speed is your top priority, Speedify is an outstanding option with a fantastic free plan and lightning-fast connectivity. However, the limited scale of the network and the absence of streaming support will surely be missed.

Get SPEEDIFY on your devices to access high-speed internet



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